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in the zillertal

  • Familie Wildauer & the entire team is looking forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Almhof in Ried.
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Discover the Alpine roads and side valleys

Enjoy a ride on your motorcycle


In the Zillertal you'll find some of the most scenic alpine and panoramic roads in Austria. No matter which one you decide on, wonderfully scenic panoramas will open up and you'll enjoy a fantastic ride, no matter if you're driving your motorcycle or your car.

  • Zillertaler High Alpine Road: Ascents and descents are possible in Ried, Kaltenbach, Aschau, Zellberg and Schwendberg; Distance: 35 km, Elevation gain: 1,937 m, Highest point: 2,035 m
  • Stillup Alpine Road: At the end of the toll road at 1,116 m above sea-level lies the picturesque Stillup reservoir. Distance: 7.20 km, Elevation gain: 569 m, Highest point: 1,173 m
  • Zillertaler High Alpine Road: Ascent Hippach; Distance: 50 km, Elevation gain: 1,937 m, Highest point: 2,035 m
  • Zillertaler High Alpine Road: Ascent Zellberg; Distance: 50 km, Elevation gain: 1,937 m, Highest point: 2,035 m
  • Zillergrund Alpine Road: From Mayrhofen to Bärenbad a narrow road winds through Zillergrund Valley. Car traffic is very restricted here. Only 100 cars per day are allowed to drive into the Zillergrund. Distance: 14.49 km, Elevation gain: 808 m, Highest point: 1,464 m
  • Schlegeis Alpine Road: For true bikers, the journey is the reward. Look forward to the emerald reservoir and an unadulterated Alpine experience at the end of the trip. Distance: 14.9 km, Elevation gain: 981 m, Highest point: 1,806 m
  • Gerlos Alpine road: The Krimml waterfalls are a true natural wonder. Distance: 35.6 km, Elevation gain: 1,327 m, Highest point: 1,629 m

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